Spaceman Sound

Spaceman Sound is a recording studio owned and operated by Tom Tierney and Alex Mead-Fox in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Our facility includes a 500 square-foot tracking room, a large isolation booth, and a comfortable control room.

We have a large collection of amplifiers and instruments available for use and a hefty supply of both analog and digital equipment.

For outside engineers, one of us will assist with set up and help to make sure you get up and running.

If we are engineering the rate is $700/day. Days are 10 hours.

Studio Type:
Rehearsal Studio
Home/Project Studio
Mid Level Studio
Top Line Studio
Podcast Studio
Main Equipment: Mac Pro (2 x 2.26 GHz Quad-Cores, 16 GB RAM, 34 ch RME HDSPe RayDATsound card), Pro Tools 10, Logic X, SSL Alphalink AX ADDA (24 ch), Lavry Blue ADC (2ch), Dynaudio BM15A monitors, API 7800/8200 24x2x2, Toft ATB 8x6x2, Plugins from UAD, Waves, Soundtoys, Massey, Izotope and many more. Analog dynamics: Daking Fet III, TK Audio BC-1, Empirical Labs UBK Fatso, Hairball Audio 1176 Rev A (Blue Stripe), Lindell Audio 17XS MKII (Zen Pro mod), UREI LA-12, Ashly SC-55, FMR RNC 1773 (2), dbx 160A (2), dbx 363 dual gate, dbx 263x de-esser (2). Roland Space Echo RE-201 and Maestro Echoplex. Preamps by Universal Audio, Seventh Circle Audio, Chameleon Labs, Sound Devices, and more. Microphones by Pearlman, Coles, AKG, Shure, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, and more. Fender, Ampeg, Sunn, Jet City, and Hiwatt amplifiers and cabinets. Gibson, Fender, and Epiphone guitars. Wurlitzer electric piano (Vintage Vibe refurbished). Moog Lil' Phatty, Korg Microkorg, Slingerland, Yamaha, Ludwig, and Pearl drums with Zildjian, Alchemy, and Istanbul cymbals.
Additional Services Available :
Audio Engineer Available (Additional Fee)
Assistant (Additional Fee)
Studio Hours : 247
Listing created Apr 20, 2015

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