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World Class Soundproofed and Acoustically treated Studios in North East London. At Ten 87 Studios we pride ourselves in building world class recording studios for long term rental. We have successfully created a thriving community of professional musicians in Tottenham, but we want to make our studios more accessible for grass roots level artists who are not quite ready for the jump into the long term rental market. We have created a simple set up in a professionally treated and soundproofed studio. It has all the essentials ready for anyone to bring their computer, plug in and get to work, on a daily or hourly basis in a room they can trust to record, mix or produce in. Come join the community! ... Show more

Minimum booking

5 Hours ... Show more


Kitchen, Toilets, Parking, CCTV, Electronic key card access.... Show more

Main equipment

KRK VXT6 Monitors, Akai Professional MPK49, Raven Slate Mti 2 Display, Astons Origin Mic, Astons Halo, Astons Swift Shield, M Audio Mk II interface... Show more

Studio hours

24/7... Show more

Studio rules

Security i. Each Licensee shall be issued with an electronic key fob for which to enter the Building and a code to their studio. ii. Fob holders shall not share their fobs for any reason iii. 24-hour access is contingent upon full compliance with the security and access procedures outlined below and failure to comply shall lead to termination of the Licence. v. Licensees are fully responsible for any person they allow into the building. Any such person must comply with the rules contained in this Licence. vi. The Licensor takes no responsibility for the personal property of Licensees and their guests and does not insure these items. vii. Please ensure you close all doors behind you whenever you enter or leave the building during the day as well as in the evening and turn off relevant lights after use. viii. The studios are covered by CCTV this monitors and records people entering and leaving the space. This is for everyone’s protection should there be any criminal activity, and also for access control. 5. Access i. Licensees shall use the entrance at Fountayne Road for the purposes of entering and leaving the Building ii. For access to the Building outside normal working hours Licensees must follow the procedure outlined below: ● Licensees shall turn the lights off ● Licensees shall exit the building quietly. ● Licensee shall lock relevant doors. 6. Health and Safety i. Smoking is not permitted in any part of the Building ii. Licensees must not obstruct any part of the corridors or access area to guarantee free movement iii. Each Licensee is responsible for the removal of their waste, including any waste generated in the kitchen, in tied up plastic bags and removed to the wheelie bins in the premises. iv. Licensees shall leave the toilets in a clean and tidy state v. The Licensor is only responsible for the health and safety of its own direct staff. The health and safety of Licensees is the responsibility of themselves or their employer. vi. It is not the responsibility of the licensor to maintain the temperature and or climate of the studios. ... Show more

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