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Rubber Room Productions

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About this studio

Pro Tools, Cubase Pro, extensive microphone locker, spacious live tracking room... Show more

Included & additional services

Session Audio Engineer

This studio requires and includes an in-house Engineer in each booking.

Details to keep in mind

Minimum booking:
4 hours
Max studio occupancy:
8 people
Studio hours:
Message for availability
Accepts bookings:
5 days out
Day rate discount:
Message studio for more


Parking, lounge, control room, live room... Show more

Main equipment

Pro Tools, Cubase Pro, Control 24 console, mics from Lauten Audio, Neumann and Shure, 6 piece DW Drums, various guitars including acoustics, Les Pauls, Strats and Telecasters. Dobro, Banjo, ukulele, and mandolin. ... Show more

Past clients

Overkill, D.D. Verni, Michael Romeo, 7 Years Dreaming... Show more

Studio rules

Contact us to discuss your project.... Show more

Cancellation Policy

24 hour in advance for cancellation ... Show more

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    Studio listed by

    David M

    Hello, I'm David M.

    Producer, Engineer, Musician.

    Producer, Engineer, Musician.


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