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About this studio

LIVE at Paddington Works Production LIVE is our dedicated audio recording suite Designed for recording podcasts, voice-overs, vocals and instruments. Alongside a professional mic selection and the latest podcasting hardware, LIVE has custom-built “suspended” equipment. The combination of a pulley-system vocal isolation booth and a ‘hanging’ podcast-mic rail doesn’t just guarantee a clear, crisp sound. It also ensures the studio is completely wireless — no trip-hazard cables in here. LIVE allows you to send your audio straight to an SD Card, USB or laptop — or seamlessly carry the signal through to CONTROL, where you can add the final touches. ... Show more

Included & additional services

Engineer fee

Hire an Engineer for your session directly from the studio.

Mixing/Mastering Services

Looking for help with mixing or mastering?

This studio offers additional services that you can add to your studio booking.

Other Production Services

This studio offers other production services that you can add to your studio booking.

Details to keep in mind

Minimum booking:
1 hour
Max studio occupancy:
4 people
Studio hours:
Message for availability
Accepts bookings:
Same day accepted
Day rate discount:
25% off for 8+ hours


Multiple Breakout Spaces, Nespresso Coffee, Parking, Bike Storage, Fully Air Conditioned, ... Show more

Main equipment

Capacity: 4 (optimal 4) 3 x Shure SM7B Podcast Microphones Shure KSM42 Microphone Rodecaster Pro 4 x Audio Technica professional monitor headphones Vocal isolation booth and ceiling mounted podcast boom stands CONNECT wall box with 10 XLR channels, 4 headphone channels, 1 HDMI + 1 CAT 6 Acoustically treated room Fully air conditioned Circadian Lighting Philips air purifier... Show more

Studio rules

Studio Rules 1.1 We are a shared space here and have done a high spec work acoustically treating our studios. Both doors to the studio rooms (where applicable) must be completely closed at all times when they are in use. 1.2 No Smoking in the studio and a zero tolerance to the use of drugs onsite. Anyone caught will be asked to leave, the session will be non-refundable and risk a £100 fine. 1.3 Let’s keep things tidy at PWP. Put any rubbish in the bins provided before you leave and make sure all equipment is returned to its original location. 1.4 If anything breaks during your session, please inform someone as soon as possible. Studios are inspected prior to and after bookings to maintain high standards of equipment quality and record of property. 1.5 Keep the equipment in good repair and condition and replace all missing, damaged or broken equipment with equipment or parts of equal quality and value. 1.6 It is okay to have the odd drink while you are at our studios, but all liquids must be kept away from the equipment at all times. Please use tables and shelves provided. If there are any spillages, make sure they are cleaned up straight away. 1.7 No hot food is allowed in the studios. We have kitchen areas for this. 1.8 When leaving the Paddington Works Production, please respect our other members by keeping noise levels to a minimum and leaving the studio free of rubbish.... Show more

Cancellation Policy

24 hours notice... Show more

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