El Submarino Recording Studio
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El Submarino Recording Studio

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Recording Studio in the center of the town. With two independents rooms for recording and control room with a high level equipment. PROTOOLS TDM -Digidesign Mix Core + Mix Farm (x2) -888/24 IO (x3) -Mytek 8x192 ADDA MICROPHONES -AKG D-112E (x2) -AKG C-451E Condenser + CK1 Cardioid (x3) + CK2 Omni (x2) -AKG C414 B-ULS -Beyer M160 (x2) -Beyer M380 -Beyer M500DX (Stephen Sank mod) -EV PL88L (x4) -EV BK-1 (x2) -EV 408 (x2) -Neumann CMV563 + M7s + M55k -Shure SM57 mod. -Shure Sm58 -Shure KSM32 -Shure Beta 98 -Josephson c700a -Josephson e22s -Sennheiser MD-421 (x3) -Sennheiser MD-441U -Echolette/Sennheiser ES14 MD-409 PREAMPS -John Hardy M-2 -Sytek MPX-4Aii BB Chs. 3-4 -Siemens V72 -ANT Telefunken MIXER -Telefunken ANT TRS800 OUTBOARD -DBX 163a (x2) -DBX 263x -DBX 160a -DBX 160x -COMPELLOR 320A -KORG STAGE ECHO SE-300 -LEXICON Alex (x2) -LEXICON PCM70 -TC. ELECTRONIC M-ONE XL -TC. ELECTRONIC M300 -YAMAHA REV500 -BFE MK3 (x2) -BFE MK7 (x2) -TAB w95c (x2) -Neumann U473 (x2) -UREI LA22 SPEAKERS -Yamaha NS10 -Event -Genelec 1030A BACKLINE -Fender Deluxe -Fender Champ -Fender Deville -VOX AC15 -VOX Valvetronic -Marsall JCM 800 -Peavey Roadmaster -Ampeg Bass -Marshall Bass -Bateria Ludwig 60's 22'' Please message us for hourly minimums and day rates prior to booking.... Show more

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Center of Madrid town.... Show more

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Protools TDM, Ant Telefunken TRS800, vintage mics, etc... Show more

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