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Blind Jo Sound Studio

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The recording studio is located in Downtown LA Arts District. Our studio is designed and built to accommodate independent and major recording artist of all types. Our studio aims to provide our clients with an exceptional recording experience. Check us out and don't miss a opportunity. Services: - recording. - mixing. - mastering - editing audio. - sound design (creating sounds, sound effects). - removing vocals from songs. - tuning vocals. - tempo adjustments (tempo of the song). - changing the key of music. - special effects. - audio processing. - sync (live drums). List of other services: - transferring audio from audiocassettes to audio file - recording from cassette tape in mp3 or any other format without loss of quality. improving legibility of poorly sound audio recordings. - selection of music and sorting of playlist for various establishments, holidays, events, performances. - audio advertisement and voiceover of videos / books / animations / answering / performances of theatres / presentations. - DJ with your favorite music to your event in Los Angeles (music for any taste). + concert sound engineer. - personal sound engineer for an artist, a music group, a vocalist / vocalists, a composer, a host of events. - composing music for projects. - conversion of musical scores and audio to midi file, and vice versa.... Show more

Included & additional services

Session Audio Engineer

This studio requires and includes an in-house Engineer in each booking.

Details to keep in mind

Minimum booking:
1 hour
Max studio occupancy:
30 people
Studio hours:
Always available 24/7
Accepts bookings:
Within hours accepted
Day rate discount:
20% off for 8+ hours


Lounge area, Xbox, water, bar, 420 friendly, best analog equipment, isolated vocal booth & live room, hearback system, plenty of space, hidden location, professional audio engineer & music producer, wireless keyboard+touchpad with tv screen in each room, touchscreen display, 6 real drum kits & musical instruments for use... Show more

Main equipment

Neumann TLM 159 Blue Blueberry MPA Gold tube preamp Urei 1176 Teletronix LA-2A DBX 160 Pultec EQ Yamaha REV-7 Autotune hardware & software Steven Slate & Waves Plug-Ins... Show more

Past clients

Famous Dex, King B... Show more

Audio samples

Studio rules

Be friendly... Show more

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