Melt Recording

40/hr or Full Day - $350

Our best feature is our amazing analog synthesizer and drum machine collection as well as some great outboard preamps and microphones. Studio is 2 rooms consisting of control room and live room with full drum kit and multiple guitar amps.

Full gear list below:


Apogee Symphony 16X16

Pro Tools HD Native 12/11/10

UAD-2 Satellite Quad

iMac 27" 32GB RAM w/ SSD

SPL MTC Monitor/Talkback


Yamaha NS-10's

Mackie HR824's


API 512C (x2)

Vintech x73i (x2)

Great River MP-2NV (x2)

TubeTech MP1A (x2)

Empirical Labs Distressor (x2)

DBX 162A (x2 channels)

Neve Portico 543

API 550a (x2)


Telefunken CU-29

Neumann TLM-49

Neumann TLM-193

AKG 414 XLII (x2)

Royer 121

Sennheiser MD421 II (x3)

Shure SM57 (x3)

Electro Voice N/D868


Sequential Prophet 6

Roland Juno 60

Sequential Circuits Prelude

Roland Jupiter 6

Yamaha CS-50

Korg MonoPoly

Roland SH-101

ARP 2600

ARP Quartet

Roland RS-09


Octave Cat

Cheetah MD6 Synth Module


Ampeg Gemini I

Roland JC-120

Roland JC-77

Ampeg SVT-Micro VR w/ 210 Cab


Roland TR-808

Roland CR-78

Simmons SDS

Oberheim DX

Korg Univox SR-120


Fender Jazzmaster

Gibson SG

Fender P-Bass

Fender Jazz Bass

Squier Jazz Bass

Ludwig 70s Drum Kit

Zyldjian New Beats Hi-Hats

Zyldjian 16" Crash


Universal Audio Legacy Bundle

UAD - Ampex ATR-102


UAD - AKG BX-20 Reverb

UAD - Eventide H910 Harmonizer

UAD - Moog Filter

UAD - Lexicon 224 Reverb

UAD - Studer A800



Native Instruments



& More


Pedals/Effects by Moog, Ibanez, Roland, Boss, MXR, Death By Audio

Various Percussion Instruments

Studio Type:
Rehearsal Studio
Home/Project Studio
Mid Level Studio
Top Line Studio
Podcast Studio
Amenities: shared bathrooms, wifi, outdoor patio, air conditioned
Main Equipment: Apogee Symphony 16x16 -- iMac 27" 32GB RAM w/ SSD -- Pro Tools HD Native 12/11/10 -- UAD-2 Satellite Quad -- ADAM A7X's -- Yamaha NS-10's -- Mackie HR824's -- SPL MTC Monitor/Talkback --
Additional Services Available :
Audio Engineer Available (Additional Fee)
Assistant (Additional Fee)
Studio Hours : 24/7
Dates Available: Jul 26, 2017
Listing created Jul 24, 2017

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