Cancellations & Refunds

Last Updated: March 21, 2020

In the event that a booking which originates from the Studiotime platform needs to be modified or cancelled for any reason, both parties will be responsible for any modificatons or cancellation directly. Studiotime is not a party to any contractual booking agreement between both parties, we are solely a platform that helps Artists discover Studios and their services, and then helps them communicate directly for the intended use of bookings. Studiotime is therefore not responsible for any modifications or cancellations. We encourage both parties to communicate in a timley through our platform or other means in the event this should occur.

Studiotime does allow studios to identify their cancellation policy on their listing directly for informational purposes and reference. By using the Studiotime platform, you must communicate and agree to any cancellation policy that is identified on a listing, through direct messaging, or as otherwise communicated outside of our platform as it may apply to any booking agreement that is eventually made. As Studiotime does not process any fees or payments through our platform, we are not responsible to provide any refunds to either party for any payments made or received.