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Did you know that Studiotime has music studios in 35+ countries?!

About Studiotime

Studiotime is the largest and most trusted online community to rent music studios. We have studios in 35+ countries from home studios to some of the world's most exclusive studios that are only available to the public on Studiotime!

Studiotime was started by Yoroomie. It was taken from an idea to MVP in an evening, launch, and generated millions of hits to the site and was picked up by international press within days. You can learn more about how Studiotime was started here.

We're a small company that has been profitable since day one. We're proud to say that we've never taken outside capital and don't intend to change this. Our founder is obsessed with building the world's best marketplace for music studios and puts the community first. We're inspired by others like DHH and Pieter Levels, so our founder tries to similarly share everything about our business on our social.

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Press Coverage

Studiotime has been covered in international press and been called:

"Finding a place to make music has never been so easy." - Throwed Magazine

"A revolutionary idea in the Music Industry bound to become one of the next big Airbnb for x companies".

"A genious idea that will rise to the top as a huge player in both the music and tech space".

You can check out some of our coverage here: